Production - Distiller

Marketing/Sales - PLCB Store Education Team


About Wigle Whiskey and Threadbare Cider

Since opening its retail doors in March 2012, Wigle Whiskey, Pittsburgh’s first distillery since Prohibition, has worked to restore Western Pennsylvania’s legacy as the Rye Whiskey epicenter of the country. Wigle is a community distillery which makes spirits from grain to bottle, using local, certified organic ingredients. The Distillery serves as a community educational space and a dedicated innovation space for spirits. Wigle promotes transparency in distillation, as we build our collective spirits palate and return terroir to whiskey! The Distillery is a top attraction in Pittsburgh on Trip Advisor and more than 60,000 visitors visit the Distillery each year to learn about Whiskey production and its regional history. Wigle spirits are distributed in eight states and have won a host of medals, including a Best in Category gold at the 2015 American Craft Spirits Association Competition for its Organic Deep Cut Rye Whiskey and Best in Category gold at the 2016 American Craft Spirits Association Competition for its Straight Wheat Whiskey and Barrel Rested Ginever.


Wigle is committed to maintaining a collaborative environment that supports the work and spirits of its very talented and eclectic crew members. While our staff has diverse backgrounds, all crew members share some common traits: Wigle team members are passionate about craft spirits, energetic, endlessly curious, kind, optimistic and full of grit.

The Wigle Team has initiated plans to build and open a cidery on Pittsburgh's North Side, a couple blocks from its Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden. Threadbare aims to open in Summer of 2017.


Please email with a cover letter and resume for any of the positions below.



Production - Distiller - Updated August 2016

Position Responsibilities

Day to Day Production

o Run the day­ to ­day production of mash, ferment, distilling, and management of warehouse operations

o Meeting daily production quotas

o Operational Management

▪ Milling and Mashing grain

▪ Proofing spirits

▪ Preparing botanicals for gin

▪ Blending spirits

▪ Managing production volumes for tax purposes

o Inventory management, procurement and quality assurance including, but not limited to:

▪ Grain;

▪ Enzymes;

▪ Yeast;

▪ Botanicals;

▪ Barrels;

▪ Bottles;

▪ Closures;

▪ Labels;

▪ Shrink Sleeves;

▪ Cleaning supplies

o Tool & Equipment management and maintenance, including but not limited to

▪ Fermenters;

▪ Mashtun;

▪ Low pressure steam boiler;

▪ Forklift;

▪ Computer Equipment;

▪ Misc. pumps, hoses, adapters, etc.;

▪ Preventative Maintenance Program;

o Cleaning;

▪ Maintaining a clean production environment;

▪ Maintenance & cleanliness of the distillery equipment;

▪ Maintaining a clean office, lab, warehouse and restroom

o Creating, following and updating procedures including but not limited to:

▪ Tolerances on labeling machine/service procedure

▪ Acceptable guidelines for bottle notes contents

▪ Troubleshooting procedure for filling bottles

▪ New and re­used bottle cleaning procedures

▪ Closure cleaning procedure

▪ General facilities cleaning procedure Production tank & still cleaning

o Production Reporting

▪ Shipments to customers, as needed

▪ Monthly Storage, Processing & Production reports for the TTB

Please email with a cover letter and resume.


PLCB Store Education Team

We are looking for folks who have an unreasonable love of Wigle, craft spirits and Pittsburgh to join our PLCB Store Education & Sales Team throughout the Pittsburgh region. Team members are responsible for conducting store tastings in a given territory on Thursday and Friday evenings as well as Saturday afternoons and evenings. Successful team members will develop strong relationships with store managers and develop consumer awareness of Wigle and Wigle products.

Candidates should be curious, smart and fun. And completely unafraid to engage perfect strangers in their love of local whiskey. Individual quirk is always welcome at Wigle.

This is a part time role, from 6-40 hours per month. Please email with a cover letter and resume. Applicants need to have a valid drivers license and may not be employed at a bar or restaurant, as per Pennsylvania law. Applicants must be available for work Thursday and Friday evenings as well as Saturday afternoon/evenings.