Wigle at Your Wedding!

Whiskey (or Scottish Gaelic "uisge" meaning "water") has long been a symbol of life and livelihood. So what better way to celebrate a life of unity than to feed your friends whiskey at your wedding? Check out the details:

Oh, That Cocktail is So You.

We'll work with you through our signature cocktail program to design a custom cocktail that's perfect for you. We'll even take care of getting the ingredients for you, for a super simple and affordable local upgrade to your beer and wine bar.

Nice Barrel You Got There

The flavors of oak and grains are married in whiskey barrels, producing a drink that is greater than the sum of its parts. What better way to produce a sweet metaphor than to uncask your own custom whiskey barrel at your wedding. Or barrel-age a cocktail for a very special signature cocktail at your bar. We'll include your names and wedding date on the barrel and you can even have your guests sign it for a great keepsake! 

Rehearsal Dinners

Looking for a rehearsal dinner spot that none of your guests will forget? A whiskey distillery in the birthplace of American whiskey should do the trick. Come check out our modern funky space and learn about how we can work with you to create a one of a kind rehearsal dinner. Please note: While Rehearsal Dinners are among our favorite events to host, we do not host wedding ceremonies or receptions. 


Want to know more about adding Wigle to your wedding day? Our super friendly, highly capable Wigle wedding extraordinaires are exactly who you want to talk to!