Organic Whiskeys

From the birthplace of American Whiskey, these whiskeys celebrate the Western Pennsylvania tradition of Monongahela Rye. Each of Wigle's Award Winning Whiskeys are handcrafted beginning with local, heirloom and Certified Organic grain milled on-site, mashed and distilled in a traditional copper pot still to deliver the most robust, flavorful whiskeys.

Wigle's Whim

Each month we play around with a variety of mashes, yeasts and and pot-distillation techniques in our Wigle's Whim releases. Snag a bottle before our special releases are gone and perhaps never to be seen again!



Made with Small-batch, Organic Wigle Wheat Whiskey and infused with organic botanicals.


Dutch Style, Whiskey-based Gin. How all Gin was made before the invention of the modern industrial still.


A distinctly Western Pennsylvania spirit. Made from scratch and pot-distilled from Pennsylvania buckwheat honey, Landlocked falls somewhere between a Brandy and Rum.

Organic White Whiskeys

The original American Whiskey. Our white whiskeys are crafted to be enjoyed unadulterated, but also work beautifully in cocktails as a substitute for vodka, tequila or cachaca.