Afterglow Ginger Whiskey - 375ml


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A Marriage of Spicy and Sweet.

In the 1840s, a tryst between a wealthy whiskey baron’s daughter and a poor redheaded distillery miller produced Henry Clay Frick, future steel mogul. Their unconventional love story is the inspiration behind our own spicy sweet lovechild; Afterglow. Made with Pennsylvania baby ginger grown at Chatham University’s Eden Hall Farm and pot-distilled whiskey. We've roasted this ginger in batches over the course of two days and immediately macerate it in our Organic Small Cask Wheat Whiskey, pulled from 25 gallon casks. After steeping, we mixed in a small amount of organic brown sugar and bottled at 40.29% ALC/VOL. The resulting spirit is whiskey forward, with a well-rounded sweet and spicy ginger character. Afterglow is a natural product free from preservatives, colorants, or artificial flavors and will evolve after opening. Sediment from fresh ginger may settle.

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