Coffee Liqueur


Wigle Coffee Liqueur blends delicious, rich, cold-brewed coffee with a spiced wheat spirit to kick off our exciting line of liqueurs.

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Why do you need this?

Our newest spirit was developed over the course of the year with constant feedback from Wigle customers and our staff, who are full-time coffee addicts. We experimented with different base spirits at different proofs, tried using coffee beans from all over the world, and even ran a series of trials grinding the beans to different coarseness levels. The final release Coffee Liqueur has had to clear incredibly lofty standards to please a great diversity of palates.

To make our cold-brew coffee, we start with organic coffee from Steel Cup Coffee that is roasted until the beans are uniformly dark and have developed complex, bitter notes. We’ve included a sample along with your bottle to give it a try! The roasted beans are ground and blended with reverse-osmosis water to create a super-concentrated cold-brew concentrate that’s then blended with the spiced-spirit and touch of sugar. We then filter out any sediment and bottle to 18.45% ABV. 


750ml - 18.45 ALC/VOL