Grappa Fatto a Mano


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Grappa is a traditional Italian spirit made from grape pomace; the remains of grapes left over from wine making after pressing for juice. We distilled fermented Niagara grape pomace on our copper pot still and rested it in used rye whiskey barrels for two months for a fuller, rounder taste. Meaning handmade in Italian, “Fatto a Mano” emits a delightful aroma of maraschino cherries and elderflower with a fruity finsh similar to a white wine. Enjoy Grappa as a digestif or as a substitiute for clear spirits in your favorite cocktail.

40% ABV (80 Proof) - 750ml

Fatto a Mano is also the house grappa for the Grapperia in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood! We'll be sold out until next year, but you should visit them for one of their classic grappa cocktails!