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Maltmalt is batting leadoff for an exciting run of three Brewers’ Series releases to start off this summer. As the name (sort of) suggests, maltmalt is a whiskey made up entirely of malted grains. This spirit is a collaboration with Spoonwood Brewing Company.

Our production began by creating a mash bill based around SMOKE & OATS, Spoonwood’s signature smoked amber lager. The SMOKE & OATS beer is inspired by rauchbier, a regional expression of beermaking popular in Bamberg, Germany. Rauchbiers are characterized by the inclusion of malts that are dried over an open flame. This manner of arresting the malting process lends the grain a distinct roasty, smoky flavor.

Spoonwood’s SMOKE & OATS beer balances the savory and smoky flavors typical of the rauchbier category with subtle sweetness. To make a Wigle-version of SMOKE & OATS, we focused our mash bill around Cherrywood Smoked Malt and Malted Oats, which make up over 75% of the total grain used. The mash bill is filled out with traditional munich malt and caramel malt. This combination of different grains and styles of malt contributes to the spirit’s most pronounced features: rich smokiness and a profound depth of flavor. After fermentation and distillation, the spirit was aged for nearly two years (22 months to be precise) in used cooperage.

Our spirit version of SMOKE & OATS beer, maltmalt, highlights the interplay between savory and sweet. Sipped neat, strong notes of chocolate, toffee and cherry are complemented by a gentle roast flavor.

46% ABV (92 Proof) - 375ml

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