Old Sap Whiskey


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Old Sap, part of our brewers series and our exploration of malt whiskey, we worked with Four Seasons Brewery in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, to produce a mash bill that modeled their Belgian Style Triple mash bill. If you are not familiar with Belgian Triples, they are high ABV beers, brewed with lighter malts, and often incorporate candy-sugar into the fermentation. Our local twist on this tradition is adding maple syrup to the mash, and pitching the Belgian yeast Four Seasons uses.

The mash bill is made up of mostly pilsner malt, a small percentage of caramel malts, and 165 pounds of maple syrup. This experiment is part of our exploration into malt whiskey - an area most readily defined by Single Malt Scotches. American malt whiskey is taking cues from breweries, and you may have had the chance to taste some of our other experiments with darker malts, including triple double, mocha porter, and quaker strength (an oat malt whiskey).

Made with malted barley and maple syrup. Aged in used 15 gallon whiskey barrels, used 10 gallon whiskey barrels, and one 25 gallon new toasted oak barrel, for 1 day shy of 2 years and blended.

After nearly two years, the color is a light honey. The nose is full of pilsner malt - butterscotch, caramel and banana, which continues on the palate, accompanied by a sweet nutty finish with a hint of straw - toffee accompanied by almonds and hazelnut, and cinnamon in the nose.

46% ABV (92 PROOF) - 375ml

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