Organic Straight Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey


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Our most refined whiskey yet, this Organic Straight Whiskey has been aged for 3 years in 30 and 53 gallon white oak barrels.

With this Whiskey, we continue our efforts to bring back a forgotten style of Rye Whiskey: Monongahela Rye. It was the gold standard of whiskey in the 1800s in America and is the big, rich, spicy cousin to every other rye whiskey. If made properly, a Monongahela Rye should be full of robust oak, caramel, and a distinctive black pepper finish that you feel up in your nose. What Scotch is to Scotland, and Bourbon (traditionally) is to Kentucky, Monongahela Rye is to Western Pennsylvania.

A Straight Whiskey needs to have a dominant grain in the mashbill (in this case, about 65% rye grain) and aged for a minimum of 2 years in a brand new barrel. This is Rye comes out of our larger barrels, in contrast to our Small Cask Rye Series which we pull from 15 gallon oak casks.

Robust rye grain aroma, with notes of chestnut, caramel, and cedar. Middle notes of light vanilla. pepper, and apple. Mouthfeel is smooth, with a spicy pepper finish.

This is an especially great whiskey for Rye & Scotch lovers, as well as adventurous Bourbon drinkers. Many American whiskeys are “too sweet” for Scotch whiskey drinkers, but this Rye should please a Scotch drinker's palate.

~50% ABV (100 Proof) - 750ml

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