Organic Summer Malt


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Why do you need this?

Summer Malt is the first spirit that we're releasing in our Pennsylvania Malt Series! Malting is the process where grains are steeped in water and allowed to germinate prior to drying and/or roasting. This process alters the composition of the grain and makes them sweeter and more flavorful (which is great for Whiskey!). For the past five years we have been exploring the flavors that different malted grains contribute to whiskey with use of malted barley and malted rye. Summer Malt marks the first time malted wheat has taken the forefront of any of our whiskies by making up over 80% of the mash bill. The rest is made up of organic malted barley in a ratio that emphasizes the sweetness and subtle characteristics of the wheat. Barreled into new, charred oak cooperage and aged for 2 years, Summer Malt qualifies as a straight whiskey and maintains a predominantly sweet profile that'll keep you reaching back for another sip.

46% ABV (92 PROOF) - 750ml

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