Organic Wapsie Valley Pennsylvania Bourbon


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We make our Wapsie Valley Organic Bourbon only as frequently as our partnering farmers can support it. Made of a special heirloom, open pollinated dent corn, Wapsie Valley corn has a higher protein content than most other corn varieties. For us this means a lower alcohol yield but better fermenting environment and more savory flavor than its sweeter conventional yellow corn cousin. According to some traditions, during shucking, a young man to be able to kiss the girl of his choice if he found these ruby red cobs while working. We've paired this corn with organic soft white winter wheat grown regionally. Often called “pastry wheat,” soft white wheat has a lower content of phenolic and browning enzymes, and are generally less stringent than red wheats.

Together these grains and alembic runs on our traditional copper pot stills deliver a bourbon in the manner of Pennsylvanian distillers. Pre-Prohibition Pennsylvania distillers made whiskey from corn when their rye and wheat grain stocks were low. We carry on this tradition by complementing the rich character of our local organic corn with local organic wheat and organic malted barley. We mill the grains on site, batch ferment, and distill in a copper pot. Aged in small American oak casks, this bourbon is a true reflection of Pennsylvania distilling heritage.