Last year we received more than 700 donation requests from fantastic organizations doing really important work. We donated to more than 100 of these organizations. In response to the large number of sponsorship requests we receive, in 2013 we developed a fundraising program for local organizations called Bantam Nights. We would love to help you raise money for your efforts at the Distillery or at our Barrelhouse through a Bantam Night.  

Bantam Nights

Are you part of a non-profit, project, or start-up doing things to make Pittsburgh even more of a gem? If so, we want to help! Named for a fiesty, fighting cock, we've introduced Bantam Nights in honor of our namesake, Philip Wigle, who fought for Pittsburgh Whiskey. We'll give you the use of the distillery for one Monday night or the Barrelhouse for a Thursday night and donate 9.9% of all sales (drinks, bottles, merchandise) on your Bantam Night to your cause in recognition of the 12 Pittsburghers indicted during the Whiskey Rebellion. You don't need to be a 501c3--you just need to be doing something to make Pittsburgh an inspiring place to exist. The money comes without strings--use it to fund art supplies, studio sessions, neighborhood greening--the sky is the limit! We can fit 100 of your friends and supporters in the Distillery and up to 250 at the Barrelhouse.

Bantam nights are on Mondays at the Distillery, Tuesdays at our Downtown Tasting Room, and Wednesdays at the Barrelhouse. Email taylor-mary@wiglewhiskey.com to set one up at the Distillery, Barrelhouse, or Omni Bottle Shop!