Pressed Pennsylvania Pommeau


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Pommeau is a specialty French liqueur made in the principle cider-producing regions in France: Brittany and Normandy. It is traditionally made by blending aged apple brandy (calvados) with raw apple must (cider) straight from the presses before aging in French oak for an additional 2 years. It can be drunk neat, often as a aperitif, but also makes wonderful cocktails. This spirit is especially exciting because it represents a direct connection between Wigle Whiskey and our newest venture, Threadbare Cider. The production combines our expertise and experience as distillers with our new endeavor into the cider business.

To make the brandy we fermented raw apple cider to make alcoholic cider, which we then distilled. Once distilled, we put the brandy into barrels for two months of aging. After an initial two months, we blended the apple brandy with sweet cider and returned to barrels for an additional two months. The barrel aging is what distinguishes this release from our previous pommeau, Foraged, which was made by blending an un-aged apple brandy with sweet cider and bottling it. The difference in processing makes Pressed significantly clearer than Foraged, with a more refined and delicate character. Pressed tastes bright, flavorful, and balanced. It is also sweet without being cloying. Time spent in the barrel has added some vanilla notes and contributed to a rounder mouthfeel without impeding on the fresh apple flavor that we love. These characteristics make Pressed a perfect spirit to accompany mixed nuts or a cheese plate.

TBA% ABV - 375ml

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