Walkabout Pennsylvania Apple Whiskey


We thought it was about time for a spirit that celebrated the best of our Pennsylvania apple orchards and Whiskey.

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Why do you need this?

We've blended our casks of our made-from-scratch, pot-distilled Organic Aged Wheat and Rye Whiskeys that have been aging in small casks for more than a year. We then proofed this down with the cider of 5 local apples grown for us at Soergel's Orchards, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We think this is one of our most delightful, flavorful releases of the year. This will sell out before the holidays, so come grab a bottle while you can! Skeptical? Do you feel dirty when you hear the term "Flavoured Whiskey." We know. Us too. Our goal was to make a whiskey so balanced with fresh apple flavor--not too sweet, not too tart--that even the snobbiest of whiskey snobs would be proud to sip this with friends. As with all Wigle products, we used only fresh, real ingredients. Time to redeem the Apple Whiskey. The formula for this product was developed over the course of an academic year by a team of Chatham University Food Studies graduate students as part of a New Product Development course taught by Meredith Meyer Grelli, Wigle Co-Owner.